Battlefy is trusted globally by organizers, competitors, game studios/publishers, and brands to create, scale, and market esports competitions. Battlefy is the easiest way for gaming fans to start, manage, and find esports competitions for all major game titles. I was the sole creator of the majority of the marketing content. Below are some examples:


Battlefy partners with a variety of brands to create customized tournament portals as a means to engage their audience through esports. Most of these portals include displaying the grand prize of winning the specific tournament and information on the ways to join as well as qualifications. I had the opportunities at Battlefy to work with some of the following brands shown below: Coke, Alienware, and Geico.


One way we engaged different segments of the Battlefy audience, as well as the gaming crowd, was by creating game-specific infographics that would be posted on social media. We also created material to communicate Battlefy's value props to potential partners.

Misc Icons & Illustrations

Icons and illustrations used in product stills and marketing graphics.