Battlefy is an eSports tournament management platform trusted globally by organizers, competitors, game studios/publishers, and brands.


When I was at  Battlefy, it was in the seed- funding stage with a small team under twenty employees and a design team of two (including me). We filled the gaps for various departments. Being and in a startup environment, the needs and demands constantly shifted. We had to be flexible and adaptable.


I contributed to and shaped all things visually design related to user interface design, marketing landing pages, illustration, and content marketing for social media.

The design library consisted of reusable components based on Battlefy’s existing UI and brand. Elements included buttons, input labels and also collections such as forms, menu, and tables. Modules such as checkboxes, search, and drop-downs were also defined. To minimize the chance of deviations from the approved colours, I made colour swatches with a defined HEX value [for future reference]. 


I led the design library project for the live web platform. Because inconsistency was starting to creep in, I promoted the design library to cut down design and development time. Adding to a consistent look and feel, pre-made components could be applied to new product features.

Examples of external sites done for external clients who want to engage the esports audience such as Alienware, Coca-Cola, and Geico.


I worked on a multitude of external partner sites that were hosted on Battlefy. Here are a few examples of external partner portal sites I worked on, where participants can register for tournaments hosted on the platform and learn the details and incentives around the events.

1st image: Infographic using user-generated content to show favorite LoL characters | 2nd image: Infographics  using user-generated content to show favorite Overwatch characters based on classes | 3rd image: Recruitment handout featuring company stats and esports statistics presented in an infographic style as well as affiliated brands 


Working with the marketing team, we created materials for content marketing. Shown is a sample of various marketing materials that were used either for internal or external purposes.


 In addition to being the primary UI designer, I was in charge of creating spot illustrations and icons used in various product releases