Specializing in ceramics, Espiritu translates imaginative concepts and stories into relatable objects of unique shapes and forms. Espiritu is a contempory ceramic studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The goal was to update Espiritu's brand and create a responsive ecommerce site that showcases each of of the product in the best way possible online. As well, we wanted to give users a seamless experience in customizing (if applicable) their product.

Roles: UI Design - Myself | Branding & Art Direction - Michael Lee | Development - Justin Chow


Wireframes, sitemap, all the good shizzz


The Espiritu typographic palette is made up of two typefaces called Kabel and Hoboken. Kabel is reserved for headlines and subheads where a bigger type size allows the playful and organic letter forms to come through.

Hoboeken is primarily used to typeset smaller and extended bodies of text. The delicate yet timeless letter forms remind readers of the experience of reading a storybook.

Espiritu motifs • Striped down to the basics, these visual symbols are developed to represent the Espiritu’s inspirations, philosophy, processes, as well as various tools and materials used by the designer. When placed strategically across touch points, they are a core visual component of the brand. The current set of icons will continue to expand as the brand continues to evolve and grow, fulfilling more functions and purposes. Designed by Michael Lee


 Explain why site was designed the way it was. image focus. first time users, only 5 products. afford to explain process and story of each product. Heavhily visual, walk first time visitors through a narrative to understand and see the process that goes behind creating each product.

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Measure and track conversion and bounce rates. Improve CTA,