The Challenge

A concept project where my teammates, Whitney Law, James King and I had the opportunity to revamp EVO’s current mobile app with the goal of increasing the user’s experience better before, during, and after their trips.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Gathering our research from various interviews for an affinity diagram, putting together our persona, conducting a contextual inquiry with the current EVO app, doing a SWOT analysis and hand-drawn wireframes for the prototype.

The Persona

Based on multiple interviews, we yielded our primary persona, Evan. He is a 27 year old male who uses car share programs once or twice a month. His goal is to get from one place to another hassle-free.

Evan had three main frustrations

He doesn’t like the surprise charges from his car-share trips because he’s unable to check how much he has spent right away after his trips.

He likes to manage his expenses and the current mobile application does not give him a history of his trips.


Evan is cost-conscious and would like to be able to split the cost of the fees with his friends that carpool with him.


The Strategy

For our research, we conducted eight user interviews, one contextual inquiry, and multiple iterations based on six paper prototype usability tests and two digital prototype usability tests. Based on the feedback we have received, we wanted to create a mobile application that minimized all of Evan’s frustrations:

A trip estimator before Evan starts his trip so that he is able to estimate how much he needs to spend and is not surprised by unexpected fees.

A trip history feature so Evan can manage his expenses

The ability to split the fare with his friends at the end of his trip.

The Result

Introducing EVO’s newest app with all of the above features. We implemented the trip estimator before Evan booked his trip, the trip history feature integrated into the information tab, and the ability to split fares with his friends after the trip is completed and he had locked his doors.

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