The Challenge

LifeSpace Garden builds self-watering garden containers and help people grow their own vegetables in urban spaces.

They have a online garden guide they want to transfer into an easy to use mobile app. LifeSpace Garden also requires a UX strategy that allows their current clients to plan their garden based on the container size purchased, and receive real time updates and instructions throughout the year in the form of to-do's, pictures or short videos as well as give customized advice to gardeners of all skill levels. The goal with this app is that it will become a tool which will allow LifeSpace to effectively reach their entire client base and communicate the type of information that will maximize the potential of all the urban gardens they have built over the years.

A 3 week project at Red Academy in collaboration with Justin Locke, Rainy Jiang and Paul Watabe


The User Flow

Left to Right: Visiting the LifeSpace Garden headquarters for a contextual inquiry, a close up of the LPS logo engraved on their gardening containers, planning and designing the wireframes with groupmates, Justin Locke and Rainy Jiang, customer journey map

LifeSpace Garden has identified that their primary audience for this app would be for their clients who are young professionals looking to find ways to lower the barrier into entry gardening. From our interviews and surveys, we constructed a persona for the gardening guide.

The result is a medium fidelity prototype of the user flow  for the LSP Garden Guide app which will compliment LifeSpace Garden’s self-watering planters & menu purchases. The app has three main components that addresses the user's needs and goals.

*Icons and graphics from Google materials and the Noun Project

When the user is first brought to the app, they will have to activate the garden menus they have purchased at LifeSpace Gardens. When they are choosing the settings, they can pick specific notifications for the garden.

Once the user's garden is activated, he/she can look at the garden in further detail under "My Garden." There, there will be two double tap navigations, one for 'Alerts'  segmented by weeks and one for  'Overview' of the garden where the user can see how the garden has been prepared.


This component of the app integrated the glossary that is currently hosted on LifeSpace Garden's previous website. Here, the double tap navigation is ultilized again, one section is for the plants that are currently in the user's garden that falls under 'My Plants' and the other are all the plants that are currently available in all off LSG's preset garden menu. This helps the user find the information they need specifically for their garden.

In the All To-Dos sections, users can have a overview of what needs to be done for their garden by week or by month. This feature becomes handy when users have multiple gardens to care for.

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