St. Paul’s redevelopment focuses on the construction of the
new ambulatory building and the upgrade to critical infrastructure.

Working with Cheryl Loh, the opportunity was to create a communications campaign for the following three audiences:


Each of these audiences play a unique part in the success of the project.
The overall goal is to increase awareness, enthusiasm, and support for the redevelopment.

 The campaign concept was inspired by the tangram puzzle.

The aim of the puzzle is to create a new shape using the same pieces, which paralleled the transformative redevelopment process that St. Paul’s is undergoing. The shapes can be combined in different ways to evoke a sense of movement, change, and progression.


The campaign name, “We Are St. Paul’s”,
states a personal connection between the hospital and their distinct audiences.

This campaign name alludes to a sense of community and progression. The campaign is supported by four key slogans. Each slogan is paired with a supporting icon that helps to tell St. Paul’s story. The icons and slogans are the core of our campaign and appear across all communications.



Public Website

Gaining the support of the public is crucial, yet much of the information that would encourage their support (such as timeline, project cost, rendering of the new building) is currently unavailable or confidential. However, we aimed to use our slogans as a starting point to tell the story of St. Paul’s. We emphasized St. Paul’s historic importance to the city and region, how they plan to increase their capacity to care, and their plans for the future. We needed to create a platform that would encourage the public to care, without being persuasive or dramatic. The website needed to feel personal, positive, trusted. We wanted to bring out a sense of community and show how St. Paul’s is evolving.

Staff Website

The insights we gained in user-testing helped us to refine our concept and language to create a platform for staff to gain awareness of the redevelopment and encourage their support. This website would be hosted externally so that the staff can view the website at any time. It would require a log-in, as information shared is confidential. We aimed to provide staff with an overall vision of the redevelopment (with the information that is currently available), while still providing information succinctly. The website’s navigation helps to divide information effectively for first-time visitors, as well as those returning to the site for viewing news. While the staff emphasized the function of the website, our slogans, language, and imagery played a key role as an anchor throughout the website to emphasize the brand of the campaign. The campaign speaks to who St. Paul’s is, where they hope to be, and how they are taking steps to achieve their goal. The website aims to be a useful resource, but one that also inspires staff and increases their enthusiasm about the future of St. Paul’s.