Helping sellers understand their vehicle's compliance while harnessing the power of SEO to drive traffic



ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) started in 2019 as a small zone in Central London and aimed to reduce air pollution by charging drivers of the worst polluting vehicles a fee to drive within the zone. In October 2021, the zone expanded to cover most of London.


As a company that focuses on helping car owners sell their cars for the best price and as quickly as possible, we were by no means the official authority on this subject matter. However, it was a chance to provide more value to current and prospective customers who may not be aware of the implications of ULEZ. We wanted to inform and help them understand how they would be impacted and their options regardless of vehicle compliance. It's also an opportunity to (not so subtly) introduce them to the wonderful world of selling with Motorway.


Working closely with marketing and the product manager to gather requirements, we ensured the touchpoint would be optimised for SEO. We utilised GoogleAds Keyword Planner, which is a tool that guides businesses to use relevant words to reach their audience. A significant number of searches were specifically “ULEZ checker.” With that insight, the words ‘ULEZ’, ‘check’, and ‘checker` was intentionally used throughout the copy from headers to CTAs and even the URL.

With these key terms repeatedly used throughout the page, it meant more signals are sent to Google, thus contributing to where it would rank on the Google search results.



Along with wireframing, and UI, my role was to ensure the design resonated with our prospective audience. We set up sessions with customers who have successfully sold their cars on Motorway and walked them through our initial designs to elicit feedback. Initially, the content we showcased on the results was based on what was shown from the results from other ULEZ checkers. We assumed this was what users wanted to know. It was an assumption that was not challenged until we got feedback from our interviews

I also created custom illustrations and iconography featured in the page. 


ULEZ checker landing page including all the info visitors need to be aware of

ULEZ compliant result page

Non-compliant result page


• Second most visited page sitewide after the homepage

• Ranked in the top 5 on Google for ‘ULEZ Checker’ after TfL with approx 280k ULEZ checks & 13k enquiries generated in Oct 2021

•  5% conversion rate between visitors and then going through Motorway to sell their car with cost per click is around 5-6 times lower than paid Google ads

Recommended as an alternative ULEZ checker

• Compliance results explained in a user-friendly and understandable manner, validated by usability testing